Friday, May 16, 2008


courtesy of Daniel Z.


Greg said...


I'm the guy who put up the site and those posters...where is this, exactly?

I'm so glad people are downloading the art and putting 'em up...that's cool!

Caleb said...

My buddy Daniel Z. saw it in Ann Arbor Michigan and sent me the pic on his cell. He said it was on a phone pole there in Ann Arbor on the U of M campus.

Greg, I love what you're doing here. These posters are really great. The art and the message behind them are both phenomenal. Best of luck with the whole thing. I'll be sure to print off some copies of the poster and circulate them around Dearborn. I'm sure I can find a few more supporters of the old man. So say we all!

Greg said...


If and when you do, snap a picture and email me or post it to flickr and let us know...we want to start seeing where these end up.

I am going to the San Diego Comic Con this year and may bring a stash with me as well for fun.